Hey! I´m Hannah. i believe in always & forever, & I LOVE to find magic in everyday moments.

I´m married to M, the love of my life since 2001. I remember our weddingday & all the planning that made me fall in love with the weddingindustry & in 2011 when my baby V was born, I totally fell in love with her, & natural light photography. My baby, my Bettie. (one of her names)  is one of a kind and I love her so. 

I used to work with sales in fashion & interior design. A graphic design cource at Berghs School of communication really opened my eyes to photography, & stories by bettie became a reality. i am all about summer, & vitamin sea is my best friend. my favorite place is on a beach, with a PINK, cottoncandy sunset, together with the one´s I love the most.i often find my inspiration in music, my baby V, travel & spontanious dates with my hot husband. a well organized store, coffeshop, or some place where everything is cordinated by colour, makes my mind explode with ideas!. 

always leave a little room for the unexpected... love/H